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Tue Oct 4 23:26:00 BST 2011

Dear All,

I’m sure we’re all looking forward to IVFDF Aberdeen. But
before we all go looking for our sleeping bags and wondering what that green
mould is doing down at the foot, I have one or two things to bring to your

1)      The Forum – The IVFDF Forum is now
ready to go. http://forum.ivfdf.org/  There are pages for news of Aberdeen 2012,
Feedback for Bristol 2011, and for your memories of the history of the


There is also a page for each of the member
societies. This is a place for societies to let everyone know what they are
doing. You can:

Advertise ceilidhs

Advertise events

Tell us about your plans

·         Ask for
help with problems

·         See what
your immediate neighbours are doing and suggest link-ups. 

We don’t usually hear each other’s
news from one end of the year to the next so this is a really useful chance for
us to keep in touch. Make sure you also put a link to your websites so that
people can find them.


2)      The IVFDF Resource List  -  I am
putting together a list of who has what skills/knowledge and where they are.
>From time to time new groups contact me and I would like to be able to put them
in touch with knowledgeable people in their area. If you would be willing to be
on this list, and perhaps help out an emerging society, please let me have your
name, e-mail, rough location, and a run-down of your skills. Please reply to j_a_bennett at hotmail.co.uk or development at ivfdf.org



3)      ICBINI  - Exeter University Folk Society are holding a
weekend festival  from 4th-6th
November entitled ICBINI (I Can’t Believe It’s Not IVFDF).  I’ll be sending out another message about this
very soon.
4)   New Societies - As ever: If you know of a new university society starting up or anyone who might like to start one please let me know.
See you all soon,

James A. BennettIVFDF Development Officer (2007 - present)Secretary - Exeter University Folk Society (2005-7)

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